Cleaning of dryer vents The task of both cleaning and clearing dryer vents and afterward maintaining such conditions is often forgotten or just overlooked. What people fail to realize is that overlooking or forgetting such an important task greatly affects the level of efficiency with which a dryer operates at. Furthermore, such an oversight puts the inhabitants of such households in grave danger as these dryers can result in a devastating house fire.

The accumulation of lint in a dryer vent significantly decreases the flow of air through it and ultimately affects the efficiency at which the dryer operates at In addition, it can result in the use of additional energy for it to properly dry clothes. The use of additional energy directly translates to higher operational costs that are undesirable in such tough economic times where every dollar counts.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission released a shocking statistic that estimated the incidences of dryer fires that take place annually at over 15,000. This is why it is highly recommended for people to have the dryer vents in their homes properly inspected and afterwards cleaned once in 2 years at the bare minimum. This is useful as it allows for any potential hazards to be identified in good time and appropriate mitigating action taken.

Your Local Services has cleaning professionals that are sufficiently trained and qualified to inspect and afterward clean dryer vent systems in homes. The benefits of such an exercise are as earlier mentioned, the probability of fire hazards occurring in homes will be greatly reduced and the dryer will work efficiently to eliminate additional operational costs that would have otherwise been incurred. Clients and potential clients can contact the customer care executives of Your Local Services today to benefit from their professional services and receive great deals as well.