The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) claims that on average, a 6-room house accumulates up to 40 pounds of allergens, dust and dirt annually in the air ducts installed in it That is an alarming statistic considering the fact that an ounce of dust is sufficient for 40,000 dust mites to thrive in and consequently unleash wanton destruction. Dust mites are a colossal health hazard to any household and it is for a good number of reasons. However, the main reason is that they harbor a horde of fungi, bacteria and even mold that are far from healthy. It is estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency (popularly known as EPA) that air found indoors can be twice or even five times more polluted in comparison to the air found outdoors. What makes the situation even worse is that each and every time that the cooling or heating systems installed in homes are operational, air that is contaminated circulates in the entire house This puts the health of the inhabitants at risk as they inhale polluted air unknowingly.

Enhanced indoor air quality and energy efficiency The circulation of polluted air in homes is not only bad for your health but will also take a toll on your finances as well This is because there will be an uncontrolled accumulation of both debris and dirt in the ventilation system of your home. This situation will eventually deter the smooth flow of air in the entire ventilation system as per design. The result is usually higher operational costs as the system works harder than it is meant to Unfortunately, the situation usually deteriorates further in due time which translates to homeowners incurring higher and higher operational costs for their ventilation systems. This is the reason why it is advisable and sensible to clean the air in your home using the unparalleled air vent and air duct cleaning services of professional and competent companies such as Your Local Services. It is a company that indeed stands out from the competition in the market today because a majority of their very competent air duct cleaning professionals are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This clearly indicates that Your Local Services has a strong resolve and is dedicated to providing services of a high standard through its exemplary performance and deliberate effort.

Our company is specialized in thoroughly cleaning ventilation systems and all the ductwork related to them. The quality services we provide to clients also comprise of all registers as well as the related take-offs. This is not to forget the main trunk line. In several of the locations that Your Local Services operates in, its cleaning professionals are able to undertake the cleaning of HVAC units, evaporator coils, blowers and other components that are accessible. This is to mean that it has the capacity to clean each and every part of a ventilation system as it covers everything from duct cleaning to vent cleaning.

Residential dryer fire prevention

The technicians at Your Local Services do more than just clean air ducts in homes, this is because they are trained and able to clean dryer vents as well. It is important to have dryer vents cleaned by professionals because of some obvious advantages. There is significant cost saving as your dryer vent will be energy efficient and it is unlikely to become a fire hazard to your home after being cleaned by professionals.